A conversation with Shirley Sherrod

President Obama made history again last week when he made an appearance on “The View.” It was the first time a sitting president has ever visited a daytime TV talk show.

But while the President was busy discussing the hot topics, he was also the subject of another heated discussion at the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) convention in San Diego.

I know because I was there.

NABJ members enjoy kick-off reception. (picture by Kenneth Hawkins/nabjconvention.org)

Newsmaker Shirley Sherrod appeared before thousands of journalists for a candid conversation, “Context and Consequences: A discussion with Shirley Sherrod.”

The discussion focused on the role race plays in the media.

CNN’s Don Lemon, Shirley Sherrod, Mara Schiavocampo, Eric Deggans (picture by Tony Jones/U.S. Census Bureau Charlotte)

Sherrod was catapulted into the spotlight when conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart released an edited video of her speaking at a NAACP meeting.  The video portrayed Sherrod as a racist and ultimately led to her firing as the Georgia State Director of Rural Development for the United States Department of Agriculture.

Sherrod said Breitbart knew what he was doing when he posted the video and she definitely plans to sue.

“At this point he hasn’t apologized but I don’t want it at this point.  He’ll definitely hear from me,” said Sherrod.

Sherrod wouldn’t budge on whether she would be coming back to the Agriculture Department but she did however issue a challenge to President Obama.

She was asked if she thought the President needed a history lesson.  ”Yes, he needs a lesson on race issues…on civil rights issues so he can be stronger on those issues, so they can be addressed,” said Sherrod.

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